sensual happy ending

My boyfriend had an happy ending massage in London

My boyfriend and I checked in to a hotel in heart of London and we saw on the brochure that sensual massage was offered. He called to the desk and asked to have a masseuse sent up, expecting it to be a man. But, it was a young woman, and very gyneic-looking, When my boyfriend expressed surprise that she was a woman, she explained that the masseur were with other customers, and offered to leave and wait until one of them was available.

Hi and I exchanged glances and my message to her was that it would be okay for this lady to give her a massage. He asked what he should wear and the masseuse said “As little as you feel comfortable with, preferably nothing!” Again, after exchanging glances, he started taking his clothes off, while the young girl prepared the table and her oils. Then my boyfriend stretched-out, naked, on the table, face-down.

It excited the hell out of me to see her running her hands all over his body, including his gorgeous ass! Then she asked him to turn over and he did! There he was, with his naked body and cock fully exposed to her eyes, and hands. She seemed able to get his hands on nearly every bit of his body’s surface.

It was at that point that I made a great decision. I told my boyfriend that I had just remembered a friend nearby I needed to meet to and I would have to leave. I asked who much is the massage and gave her the money, plus another twenty, and told her to “do whatever my bf needs”.

I stayed away an hour, and when I came back, the masseuse was gone and my boyfriend was lying on the bed, still naked, and in a dream-like state. I decided to be completely honest, and asked him “So did she do a good job?” and he moaned “Oh, yes!” I quickly undressed and got on the bed over my boyfriend. I sitted on him and let him enter me and said “She fucked you, didn’t she?” and he nearly cried-out “No! It just a massage, a happy ending massage…”

sensual happy ending

As he slipped into me, I said again “Was she good?” and he replied “Yes, the massage was amazing…” and then he caught my butt turned me over…
I was sure he had had a really great orgasm while this young lady gave him the happy ending massage.

We did not discuss openly the events of that day, but sometimes we would refer to it and I could see a smile a delight come into his eyes.

After the happy ending massage our relationship seem move forward and  we have even better sexual life…he is more positive and even more long lasting…I think Me and my bf should thanks the happy ending massage.

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Review submitted by Angela

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