It is getting really cold now…

Hello everybody from London !!

It is getting really cold now. Time to get your winter clothes out of the cupboard and for some to start thinking about plans for winter sports and skiing. Christmas is coming soon so it’s time to find  presents for loved ones, family and friends. I really love this time of the year as it makes me think of everyone I care for. Nice !!

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L.S.M New Website 2017

As promised a couple weeks ago, here you have, the London Sensual Massage New Website. Welcome to LSM new face.

LSM new website 2017

LSM new website 2017

What is new? Besides a new design, now you can comment on the posts, see what others have to say and have a chat about any of the subjects on London Sensual Massage blog. Obviously it has to be monitor because of spam and other things which are not important to be mention now. I promise, I will try to do my best in order to keep the chat fluid and with a good rhythm.

The main focus is content. As always, I will keep adding information on a weekly bases. Information I believe is useful for you to understand the different massage services we have to offer, so that you can choose which one of the services is the best for you.

I am aware of a big misunderstanding about sensual massage services, erotic nuru massage, escort services, and Tantric massage in general. My intention is to make it clear to you as a client or as a follower.

Our blog has been ever meant to be only for LSM clients, if not as well for any one of you with an interest on my field which is body to body massage service and sensual bodywork.

Knowledge for me is basically helping me to keep my clients happy. I had many years of training as a massage therapist but also 14 years of experience therefor, my learning process never stops.

Everyday I learn something new from each one of you. My practice becomes my study, every client gives me a new perspective, a new opportunity to learn.

The blog is helping me to understand your needs. Is my contact with the reality of the erotic massage for men market. Reason why your participation is very valuable for me.

Our masseuses and I myself are passionate about our work and about massage in general. We’d like to share that passion and the art of massage with you. Of course, there is another important reason, which is to show you who we are.

I do not think I am the most wonderful person worth knowing, I never thought the sun circles around me, but I want you to come secure that you are getting a service from a professional who knows what he is doing. Trust is the key for most of my services.

Brand New Gallery.

Oh, well… maybe soon but not just yet!. I have invited professional photographers to take photo for our masseuses, new photos will be added to the gallery step by step.

It took so long not because I against galleries and I know many of you like them. Our masseuses do not have anything to hide and I am very confident about their appearance, but I know our masseuses always wanted to be appreciated for who she is not for how she look, but you want to see more and I am going to deliver. Having said that, do not expect full body nude pictures, nor to see them right away. I want to make it right and as always sensual so give me time.

Any way, I only use pictures of me on the site so even you do not have a gallery yet, you can see me on it.

London Sensual Massage New Website is meant to be simple and practical for you to use. I had been working with a great professional to make it possible, and I just want to thank him for his work, dedication and patient. Also a big thank you ! to St. who is always correcting my grammar and thank you! for follow me.

Mina got Weird Calls this week!

Yep, I had some weird calls this week! I know this is probably because many residents have left the city and we have more tourists around, and maybe they have their own ways in their home towns or they want to save a couple pounds because they already spent a little too much.

Yesterday someone called me from the Heathrow Hilton at 1:45 in the morning. I was awake so I said why not? But after I told him I could be there in thirty minutes, he demanded that I be there in less than twenty minutes, and he tried to bring down the price, suggesting I could take the bus instead of a cab!

good service deserve good treatNever gonna happen! After 11pm, I only do out calls by cab. I am not going to the trouble of travelling on a bus, plus of course there is an overcharge for in calls or out calls after 11pm. If I am going to take hours from my sleep and spend time travelling around London in the middle of a night, it is not going to be at the same price that I charge during the day, not me, not any one. I am sure that if you have to do extra hours in your office, working weekends and nights, you do not expect to get paid only the same that you get paid for your regular hours. Another thing is that you get it but happens to me to have a great personal relation with my boss which is myself so results very easy for me to get it.

A second call was at 7:45 am. This particular one was staying in Soho but he wanted a one hour erotic full massage and needed to be out of the hotel by 9am. That meant that he expected me to be there and ready to start the massage in ten minutes. Do you experience the same situation with your work? You are just waking up and someone is calling you from the office to let you know that without previous notice you have to be in the office in ten minutes because a client is there waiting for you and he has to leave in one hour. Obviously I did not take it, first because I do not think it is right, if he woke up with the hard on and he thought it was a good idea to get a massage before leaving for the airport, that is not the way to book a masseuse. Second, I will never get there on time, I will be stressed and it will be his fault – but of course it is never their fault, it will be my fault. I will be getting there late and then I cannot provide a full one hour service, so in cases like that, it is better to lose the client than my credibility.

I have said it one thousand, one hundred and eleven times but I guess I will say it one more time: erotic sensual masseuses, nude massage therapists, tantric massage practitioners, we are professionals – or we should be – and we should be treated like that, so you should never prevent what you will not prevent with any other professional.

I am not saying you cannot book a service on the same day, of course you can, even if it is late. But it’s already nice enough of the masseuse to be available to take you in or travel to you, but obviously this has a cost, and you need to give a little or at least be prepared to accept your responsibility and not complain about it.

If you have to leave your hotel in one hour and you are calling the erotic female masseuse ten minutes before the hour and if he is arriving ten minutes after the hour, you are going to get a fifty minute massage. It is not her fault you did not anticipate your desires.

If you are calling at 1:45 am, do not complain about the overcharge because your girl masseuse of choice has to leave her home in the middle of the night and pay a cab. One hour with you probably means two hours of service for us – thirty minutes to get to you, one hour service, thirty minutes to get back. I am not going to work two hours and get only paid one hour and pay the cabs from my rates.

Just for the record, me and also other massage girls in London do provide outcall massage at Soho, Heathrow and any other locations in London, but we need time to prepare and need time for travelling, please book in advance if you are far from our locations.

Makes sense right? Of course it does! Do not be a weirdo!!

by Mina


FEB 21 2017

How sensual massages Can Improve Work

At LSM we are proud of our sensual massages in London, our sensual massages are not just a relief of your desires but also have many benefits for your life. At times, life just becomes too much and the stress can be too tough to handle. When this happens, it is easy to give in and lose control but this isn’t the solution. In fact, the solution is actually very simple and many are completely unaware of what can alleviate stress and boost confidence – a sensual massage. If you want to increase your confidence, sharpen the mind, and increase your energy, this could be the solution you’re looking for and here’s why.

4 benefits of sensual massages

Concentration – As sensual massages put you into a deep relaxation mode, your whole body is allowed to relax and be completely free. After this experience, you will soon find that your sleep quality improves as well as your concentration levels. We all know just how important sleep is for efficiency so the after-effects of an adult massage can help with all areas of your life.

Energy – By improving circulation, more nutrients can be carried around the body which then improves overall wellbeing and health. When this occurs, we experience a boost in energy and a consequent reduction in levels of anxiety. Not only will this help in your personal life, you will also be able to use this energy in your career.

Stress Removal – As we have said previously, sensual massages allow the body and mind to relax and relieve all tension. As you unwind, all stresses in your life will float away and you start to see solutions rather than problems. With this decreased stress, you can re-enter the workplace with a much higher productivity.

Confidence – Finally, sensual massages also lead to increased belief in one’s own body which leads to a confidence that can be taken into your career. Suddenly, your confidence will shine through and everybody, including yourself, will take notice.

These are just four of the main benefits that sensual massages can bring to your work but there are also many more. If you feel as though life is getting you down and it is all getting to be a little too hard, take some time away from it all and enter a state of pure relaxation with a sensual massage. Not only will you feel the benefit during the experience, you will also reap the rewards after it too!

We have many types of adult massages for men , most of the massages are performed by nude female massage therapists, please check our massage services page for details.

Why Do Men, Married or Not, See A Sensual Massage Therapist

Many sensual massage therapists consider it offensive that the media (or other folks) would tie the industry to the sex trade.  It’s one of the reasons that many massage therapists have steered clear from offering sensual massage therapy as an option for clients.

And, it’s one of the reasons I’ve chosen to steer clear of it myself.

Men like to visit sensual massage parlor

Men like to visit sensual massage parlor? Why

I recently read an article from the ABMP (an article they apologized later for), but I found it quite accurate. It talks about the gap between sensual and therapeutic massage. It’s the divide I find myself straddling.

For my experience, it’s often married men who seek the services of a sensual massage provider. Why is that? There are actually a number of reasons, but let’s not generalize it to, “men are scum or men are men”.

The reality is that most men don’t care about having affairs, seeing an escort or getting a sensual massage that will take them away from their wives in a sexual way.  Rather, men want an experience with a beautiful woman that involves them getting an orgasm without any intercourse.

A majority of men have no desire to get divorced from their wives. They love their wives, even men who find themselves not getting any sex. This is not why married men come to a sensual bodywork provider.

Why do men come to a sensual massage therapist then?

There are actually 2 reasons:

  • They don’t have a connection anymore
  • They need some type of distraction

What do you feel are the reasons men go to a sensual massage therapist?

There are lots of Sensual massage providers in London, if you just happen to seek some of the best erotic massage services in this city, you can simply visit our massage parlour at Marylebone.

London Sensual Massage’s Holiday opening time 2015&2016

Our London sensual massage parlour open as usual during this holiday, please contact us if you want get an erotic massage for X’mas or New year!

Holiday Special Discount: During the X’mas and New year , we made fantastic discounts at our sensual massage services to alow you spend a magical and relaxing time.

Upcoming event: Enjoy an erotic massage in Valentine’s day:

The perfect way to ignite the fire in your relationship with LOVE – Celebrating the most powerful energy in the Universe, the Love two people share together, we would like to invite you at our sensual massage studio in baker street, where you can not only find the most amazing gift for both yourself and your lover, but this will be one gift that will most certainly spice up your love life as well as your soul connection.

To help you decide on this, we’ve also prepared some very special offers for you…call us to discover our special sensual massage for couples.

Trusted Tantric Massage temple Award 2015

London Massage Book Trusted Tantric Massage temple Award 2015 – Proudly sponsored by LSM!

lsm west London tantric massageWe were proudly awarded one of the Best tantric Massage temple in London by LMB, you can view the complete tantric massage list in London Massage book!

The LSM is proud to be among the leading award-winning London massage parlours, having received honours from adult magazines and massage guides around the world. They have recognised the erotic massage for its personal service, therapeutic wellness offerings, sophisticated massage experts and care for the environment.

New website design for better massage experience

A new look for you

When booking a massage on the ove you need your massage company website to meet your needs, whether you’re on your smartphone, tablet or computer. We’ve been working hard to improve your online experience, and now you can see the changes across main websites, massage services, membership area and booking system, with the rest of following shortly.

sensual massage site

What improvements have been made?

Improved homepage – fresh new massage pictures and design
Clearer navigation – find what massage you are looking for and book your massage easily with a moblie menu
Faster access – reach the things you need quicker, like finding your local massage company or booking information to contact us
More clarity – all massage infomation and price you need to know up front, with no jargon, to help you choose your services.
New ‘responsive’ design – same great experience from any device

Responsive design for better user experience

It means that no matter what device you’re using to visit LSM Sensual Massage’s webiste, the massage website will adapt to fit to your screen. You can see and interact with the same content, from mobile phones to home computer screens.

This change have availabie for all website and you will feel more convenient when you browse our gallery or book a service.

We’ve also improved the design of the site to meet modern aesthetic tendency and better user experience.


Is there any change in my servie? will you raise the price?

No. Your sensual massage services will always brings you the best happy ending experience in London and we won’t chrage more for the new design.

We haven’t done this alone, With the technical support from and design support from, we are able to provide a better website ever.
The most important: all our customer helped us to improve our massage process as well as website design, we always welcome your feed back – about our sensual massage service and our business.

Thank you for all the help you’ve given to make even better.

The Benefits of Prostate Massage

Here at LSM, we offer London sensual prostate massage for men. A best way to getting high, beside the sexual pleasure, this massage has many benefits for men. Please read on:

It has been claimed that Prostate massage is one of those healthy massages that can leave a profound impact on the prostate function of a man. This massage is not just a source of pleasure for men, but many medical professionals say that this massage can support the prostate health in many ways.

Have a look at the benefits of Prostate massage:

Improved flow of blood

Whenever a part of body is massaged, the tissues relax and the flow of blood becomes easier. Improved blood flow can increase the supply of oxygen and remove waste products and carbon dioxide from the cells. The same benefit can be enjoyed in case of the sensual London prostate massage. As it is quite arousing, it can improve the blood flow even more.

the prostate massage

Clearing fluid blockages

Prostate consists of various microscopic gland which often tend to get clogged. When the prostate is massaged, all the blockages are squeezed in the urethra. Experts say that when these blockages are cleared, many prostate problems can end. Ejaculation is also useful in squeezing out the fluids from the prostate, but this might not be enough to clear all the trapped junk when there is some blockage. Therefore, massage can be really helpful.

If the prostate gland is enlarged, it can disrupt the flow of urine. Prostate massage can help in improving the flow of urine too.

Reduced muscle tension

Many men complain about stiff pelvic muscles because they mostly have to spend their working hours sitting and they hardly get much time to walk on their legs. This makes lots of men suffer from tight muscles. When the muscles are tight, it can decrease the blood circulation and eventually compress the prostate gland. This can lead to many healthy problems such as portraitists.

With the prostate massage, the muscles will relax and the ultimate benefit will not just be improved function, but an improved sexual pleasure as well. Many men have reported that with prostate massage, their erections have become firmer and their pelvic muscles seem to be relax.

Improved overall health

For a male, massaging the prostate can bring many other health benefits apart from just improving the sexual lives. Many men say that the massage has helped them develop awareness of how it feels. If after the massage, infection or irritation is developed, you will figure it out earlier if there is some problem and you will get it treated soon. Although not everyone will develop infection but if there is something wrong, then you will figure it out before it gets too late.

With the prostate massage, the need for masturbation and even the desire for it is eventually removed. It can even protect men from the risk of developing prostate gland cancer. The massage certainly can help men in treating many medical conditions but it always important that you discuss the technique with a physician before you attempt it by yourself. If you are not sure that you can do it yourself, here we at LSM Sensual Massage London have even professional prostate massage therapy services available.

Seduce a Man With a sensual Foot Massage

He’s tired, He’s overworked, and his heels are sore. Of course He’ll let you massage his feet for him, and just maybe, if you do it right, He’ll give you something in return.

Do the prep work. If you’re planning to give your man a foot sensual massage, then odds are he’s tired. It’s time to be he knight in shining armor. Make or order dinner, do the dishes, and clean the living room. If your man suddenly finds himself sitting comfortably in his favorite seat while you bring him food, clean the house, and refuse to let him lift a finger to help, he will soon start thinking warm, happy thoughts – starring you!

Find a comfortable spot. Assuming he’s already agreed to the foot massage, your next step is to determine the setting. The bed is probably a bit too obvious, although that may be your eventual destination; try the couch instead. Prop his head and neck up with pillows, then sit down and put his feet in your lap.


Start gently. Use your middle finger and thumb to ever-so-softly massage his heel, the ball of his foot, and his toes. Start by concentrating on one foot at a time. Spend about five minutes here – it will pay off soon!

Make intermittent eye contact. He will be watching you the whole time, so the expression on your face and the direction of your gaze are both important factors. Watch his feet while you massage them, making sure to keep a tiny hint of a smile on your face (this smile may take some practice in front of a mirror. Most people’s idea of a small smile is all but undetectable by others. You want your girl to know you’re enjoying it – and also to know that you want more). Occasionally look into his eyes. As you do, allow your smile to widen a little, and part your lips slightly (again, the mirror is indispensable. Practice makes perfect).

Ask his how he wants it done. “Harder or softer?” is your ideal question. If you’re doing Step 3 right, he will almost certainly answer “harder.” When he does, listen to his tone of voice. Is he beginning to sense your intentions, and if so, does he sound excited or tired? If he’s excited, then the game is yours. If he’s tired, there is still hope, but you’ll be fighting an uphill battle from here.

Begin massaging harder. By now his tendons will be loose and he will probably be ready for more. Begin using your thumb, fingers, and especially the “heel” of your hand to massage his firmly. Firmly, but not TOO firmly! Now isn’t the time to prove your manly strength. There is nothing so likely to kill your girl’s sex drive as a sudden pinch in a sore spot that sends his leaping off the couch, never to trust you with his feet again. Avoid massaging the middle section of his feet entirely, as this area contains sensitive bones and tendons. Instead, concentrate on the heel, ball and toes (gently with the toes!). Spend another five minutes here.

Show that you’re enjoying it. Make small murmurs (a deep, quietly whispered “Mmmm” works beautifully) and widen your smile to a grin at intervals, to show your girl that you’re fully appreciating every interaction with his body.

Kiss his feet. As always, timing is an enormous factor. Don’t start the massage with a big sloppy toe-sucking fest, because unless your girl is in the mood to jump into bed right away, he will most likely find that sort of behavior annoying. Make sure you’ve fully completed the previous steps first, then ask he if he’s enjoying the massage. He will almost certainly say yes (what else CAN he say without being rude?). If he does, slip off the couch, get down on your knees, and gently kiss his feet a few times. Look up and ask, “How are you enjoying it now?” His response is unlikely to be anything but positive. Keep kissing his feet for at least another minute, but avoid using tongue or putting his toes in your mouth unless you include this as a normal part of your sexual routine. Otherwise it might freak him out.

Ask him if you can massage the rest of him. This is a big step, so be sure to word the question in a way that lets he know exactly what you want. It won’t be too difficult at this point; simply saying, “Can I massage the rest of you?” might just work wonders on its own. If you think he’s in the mood and you want to try something a little more seductive, say, “The rest of you looks tired too. Can I take care of that for you?” If he says yes, you’ve got it in the bag. “Oh… darn. Your clothes are in the way….” You get the idea.

Enjoy a nice sensual massage in London now:

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