what is an Asian Massage

Asian Massage also known as “Oriental Massage” or “Adult Sensual Massage”. Asian massage is different from traditional massage because in an Asian Massage, the masseuse use very traditional oriental erotic technique to touch your whole body and ease your stress inside . During Asian massage therapy, the masseuse uses her hands, lips, breath and entire body to arouse and excite the recipient.

The main goal of our LSM (London-Sensual-Massage studio) Pleasures Asian London massages is to encourage the receiver to achieve a higher state of arousal through a combination of delicate touch and gentle massage. Unlike traditional massage, Asian massage involves massaging the female and male erogenous zones but does not involve penetrative sex. This would be classed as an escort massage.

Sensual Asian massage goes beyond physical touch and incorporates numerous elements in order for the receiver to fully relax. Dim lighting and candles will encourage relaxation. Using aromatic and natural oils is also necessary as their fresh, sweet fragrance stimulates the senses and helps build a sensual connection between the Masseuse and client.

Our LSM Asian relaxation massages are also characterized by gentler and softer touch as opposed to pressing hard on the muscles to relieve tension. During a sensual massage session, all body parts are caressed, including the erogenous zones. A sensual lingam ending is not the only purpose of an erotic massage – the power lies in the fact that this form of massage can unlock suppressed emotions and release negative feelings and energy, leaving you in a deeply relaxed and euphoric state of mind.

This sensuous massage experience has a deeply relaxing effect on your mind, body and soul. So choosing an erotic massage can do wonders for your stress levels.

All LSM Pleasures, our Asian London Massage Therapists are highly trained Masseuses who delight in giving you a seductive and sensuous experience. Your Pleasure is our Pleasure. To book the ultimate Asian massage in London, please call Emily or Belinda, our fabulous Personal Assistants.