Why choose a Nuru Massage?

The most popular massage among LSM’s regular clients in the city of London is the nuru massage, why everyone loves nuru? The answer is simple: nuru massage fulfill your fantasies : Slippery, Moist, Naughty and Naked !

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Lingam Massage Therapy – The path to relax

London Sensual massage have introduce a new type of tantric sensual massage service:

Lingam Massage

Lingam Massage

The Lingam massage

Many people who seek Sensual lingam massage services in London assume that an orgasm is the ultimate goal of the lingam massage. An orgasm however, is simply a pleasant side effect always welcome.

However, the lingam healing massage is aimed at massaging the lingam, the prostate (also known as the sacred spot, men’s “G” point) and the perineum externally. The man is therefore able to surrender to pleasure in a form that he is not accustomed to. The receiver will therefore both relax during the course of the lingam massage session and explore new ways of sexual stimulation.

The Lingam massage is performed by one or two of our sensual masseuses with careful, passionate and love.

If you would like to get a Lingam Massage (aka Penis Massage) while you are in London, or learn more about our sensual massage services,  you can contact us.

Why Sensual massage is good for Couples

Whether your sex life is already good or it could be better, Our sensual massage treatment can open a whole new dimension for you, a whole new world beneath the surface.

Practicing Sensual massage can open the door into an endless space of deeper sexual fulfillment and more meaningful intimacy, for both men and women.

Dissolve problems and open new depths of sexual pleasure

Many women find it difficult to relax, get fully aroused, receive her man completely and reach high sexual states. Many men find it difficult to hold back their excitement, get aroused more deeply, engage emotionally and last longer for their own pleasure and that of the woman. If both could do all that most of their problems and conflicts wouldn’t exist and their sex life would flow deep and strong. Sensual massage is the best practical thing you can do for both to learn how to get there, although it will need some practice. If you want to learn more about benefit of sensual and tantric massage please read What a Man get from tantric massage 

Open a powerful source of life

A Paint about Erotic Massage...

A Paint about Erotic Massage…

With the help of Sensual massage your sex life can stop being an intense and explosive quick event that requires energy and mood. It can instead become the sacred space where you can even go to get energy and mood when you don’t have them, a psychedelic space of floating in beauty and pleasure where you can stay for a while to charge up.

Discover the truth about your bodies

Sensual massage is also the code with which you can open your bodies to each other as never before. We really don’t know much about how our sexual bodies work. What we normally call arousal and pleasure is just an intense shallow charge that keeps our sexual depth untouched. What we know about our sexual bodies is usually sold to us by sensationalist media and pornography making a buck on our simplest and quickest responses. It makes us even more unhappy as we get further and further away from understanding our own and each other’s bodies.

Enhance the capacity of your sexual body

By learning my Sensual massage you will find out how our sexual bodies really work and what they really need, with differences between men and women. I will give you a complete combination to open the full sexual depth and force of your bodies to each other. I guarantee that you will think “I had no idea…”. And by practicing Sensual massage you can make your body a lot more alive, a lot more sensitive and responsive, and your sex life will flourish more than before, with a set of whole new sensual flavors.

Discover deep and powerful intimacy

Sensual massage brings deep intimacy into sex. I will show you how to release your heart to each other and make the energies of love and tenderness flow so strong that you could sometimes feel them physically. By enjoy this massage at home you will feel your hearts grow and emanate more love than before, you will fuse with each other more than ever before.

Become a conscious and creative lover

Sensual massage trains you to let go of places to rush to and lose yourself in this moment, to appreciate every step and to be with your partner consciously rather than automatically. It will open every moment of love to you.

(Please be aware that this is a description of Sensual massage as our masseuse provide it. )

Just Relax – Common Reactions to Erotic Massage

Although there is no sex involved with London erotic massage, I would be surprised if my clients did not respond sexually.

It is completely natural to feel turned on by the total naked massage experience.

Even I get turned on during a massage session. The close, intimate contact of skin against skin is one that promotes a heightened sense of sexuality that is hard to deny.

sexy massageIt is normal to feel sexual aroused in Massage

We are humans after all and it is normal for our bodies to respond to sexual eroticism of a tantric massage. I make sure I focus on the erogenous zones of the body to add to the feeling.

Although it would seem that men would be the ones to react out of sexual instinct, many women do also. It still amazes me how open women are to the experience of an erotic massage. While they are often the ones who are the most timid and nervous, they relax very quickly. Women are aroused much more easily than men during a massage. Many of the men I deal with are perfect gentleman and many of the women are perfect ladies. I love that I can provide them with such a renowned sense of pleasure and relaxation.

It still surprises me how turned on I get when I feel the arousal of my clients. Since I am a born bisexual, I am very open to the arousal of both men and women. I make sure they get a nice view of my body while I massage them to unknown heights of ecstasy. It makes me feel good knowing that they enjoy the sight of my beautiful body and the feel of my hands on their naked skin. Having my body in such close contact with theirs is one aspect of the job that I enjoy the most.

Just Relax and enjoy the happy ending

I feel that it is important to embrace the body’s natural reaction to an erotic massage in order to truly enjoy it. Even though there is no sex allowed, there is no reason why the clients cannot experience the mind-blowing finish they deserve. This is the best release for all of those pent up frustrations so my motto is to let it all go. The purpose of the massage is to relax the mind and body. Rather than fighting back the body’s natural response, it is best to go with the flow and let the body do what comes naturally to it.

See LSM’s London nude sensual massage services.

My boyfriend had an happy ending massage in London

My boyfriend and I checked in to a hotel in heart of London and we saw on the brochure that sensual massage was offered. He called to the desk and asked to have a masseuse sent up, expecting it to be a man. But, it was a young woman, and very gyneic-looking, When my boyfriend expressed surprise that she was a woman, she explained that the masseur were with other customers, and offered to leave and wait until one of them was available.

Hi and I exchanged glances and my message to her was that it would be okay for this lady to give her a massage. He asked what he should wear and the masseuse said “As little as you feel comfortable with, preferably nothing!” Again, after exchanging glances, he started taking his clothes off, while the young girl prepared the table and her oils. Then my boyfriend stretched-out, naked, on the table, face-down.

It excited the hell out of me to see her running her hands all over his body, including his gorgeous ass! Then she asked him to turn over and he did! There he was, with his naked body and cock fully exposed to her eyes, and hands. She seemed able to get his hands on nearly every bit of his body’s surface.

It was at that point that I made a great decision. I told my boyfriend that I had just remembered a friend nearby I needed to meet to and I would have to leave. I asked who much is the massage and gave her the money, plus another twenty, and told her to “do whatever my bf needs”.

I stayed away an hour, and when I came back, the masseuse was gone and my boyfriend was lying on the bed, still naked, and in a dream-like state. I decided to be completely honest, and asked him “So did she do a good job?” and he moaned “Oh, yes!” I quickly undressed and got on the bed over my boyfriend. I sitted on him and let him enter me and said “She fucked you, didn’t she?” and he nearly cried-out “No! It just a massage, a happy ending massage…”

sensual happy ending

As he slipped into me, I said again “Was she good?” and he replied “Yes, the massage was amazing…” and then he caught my butt turned me over…
I was sure he had had a really great orgasm while this young lady gave him the happy ending massage.

We did not discuss openly the events of that day, but sometimes we would refer to it and I could see a smile a delight come into his eyes.

After the happy ending massage our relationship seem move forward and  we have even better sexual life…he is more positive and even more long lasting…I think Me and my bf should thanks the happy ending massage.

service provided by London Sensual Massage

Review submitted by Angela

Book an happy ending appointment, please call: 0742-326-0068 or send email to booksensualmassage(at)gmail.com

How LSM’s masseuses trained to give a nude asian massage

As many clients have ask us about our sensual massage secrets, today I will lead you to explore a little.

One of the hottest massages available in London is the nude Asian Massage, and the girls in the massage parlours there are the experts on how to give a erotic Asian Massage. These Asian Massages are very sensuous and last from one and a half hours to two hours. If you would like to try this out on your partner for an experience you won’t forget, here are some tips by LSM’s professional massage team on how a nude massage is done.

Nude massage

Get completely naked and get in a bath tub to get completely relaxed. The first step in giving a Exotic Asian Massage is to get into a tub and place your legs under your partner so he floats to the top and you can massage and caress his most intimate areas. Go slowly and don’t miss any important areas.

Wash every nook and cranny thoroughly during this intimate tub massage. Cleanliness is the most important part of the nude Asian Massage. It is also during this time that intimate caressing, some oral sex or breast massages, if so desired, may occur. This process usually lasts approximately thirty minutes.

After the tub massage, it is time to move to an air mattress on the floor. The mattress is filled with soapy suds. Cover yourself with the soapy suds and massage your partner’s body with your body, sliding up and down and slithering all over him. Here is where you can get real creative and make up some moves of your own. With practice you can become an expert in thinking up unusual moves and giving a sensuous nude Asian Massage.

After the air mattress, both you and your partner rinse the soap off, dry off and move to a bed. The massaging and caressing continues, and at this point more oral sex or even physical sex may occur, depending on what you and your partner want. When your partner thinks he is fully satisfied and the massage is over, it is not!

The non-sexual part of the nude Asian Massage now begins. Give your partner a slow, relaxing, non-sexual massage. Use a massage oil and work on every muscle, stretching them as you go. This intimate, sensual experience is one you and your partner may want to repeat time and again. Enjoy!

Make an appointment with LSM today and enjoy bespoke Erotic Nude Massage special for you:

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Massage in London Park Lane area

London Sensual Massage Parlour providing best massage in London Park lane area, Enjory our luxurious erotic tantric massage in your Park Lane hotel, top area with top enjoyment. Park Lane is a very famous and upmarket area in central London, Park lane runs north from Hyde Park Corner to Marble Arch, To the east of the road is Mayfair, offering both views across Hyde Park and a position at the most fashionable western edge of London.
Despite the busy traffic noise the Park lane area is still upmarket, featuring five-star hotels (such as The Dorchester, Grosvenor House Hotel and InterContinental London Park Lane Hotel) and showrooms for several makes of sports car.

London Sensual Massage in Parklane

All of our masseuses in Park lane are well trained and equipped with the powers to please their clients and the guests of their clients, making them fantastic social companions for any occasion. They aim to entertain their guests and keep them happy, while pleasing their lust and deep rooted desires. Our masseuses are happy to meet with you in their own residence in central London, or can travel to visit you at your hotel or private residence.

[box type=”success”]Outcall Only in Park lane and Mayfair area[/box]

We have beautiful, friendly exotic style oriental masseuses to suit your every desire. Our sexy young oriental masseuses would undoubtedly complement your sojourn or occasion of any type. Also as a prestigious masseuse agency we immensely endeavor to give the highest percentage of satisfaction to the client. Click here to see our Terms and Services or call now to meet. Our masseuse girls are ready to meet you right now and can be with you within 30 minutes depending where you are located.

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  • Tantric Massage
  • Body to body Massage
  • Prostate Massage
  • Nuru Massage
  • Asian Style Massage
  • More session available.


[box type=”info”]Here is some travel information for London Park Lane & Mayfair area , London Sensual Massage’s Outcall massage service also available in following area.[/box]

Tube station around Park lane

Hyde Park Corner Tube Station
Knightsbridge, London, Belgravia, SW1X 7TA
3 mins from Park Lane

Green Park Tube Station
Piccadilly, London, St James’s, W1J 9DZ
8 mins from Park Lane

Knightsbridge Tube Station
1 Brompton Road, London, Knightsbridge, SW3 1ED
9 mins from Park Lane

Mainline Stations near Park lane area

Victoria Railway Station
Terminus Place, London, Victoria, SW1V 1JU , Underground lines: District, Circle, Victoria
14 mins from Park Lane

Charing Cross Railway Station
The Strand, London, Covent Garden, WC2 5HS , Underground lines: Bakerloo, Northern
23 mins from Park Lane

Marylebone Railway Station
Melcombe Place, London, Marylebone, NW1 6JJ , Underground lines: Bakerloo
26 mins from Park Lane

Are you treat yourself?

Being nice to yourself and enjoy every pleasure with life! London sensual massage care what your feel and what you want.

When it comes to taking care of ourselves, to make sure we look our best and our staff are in compliance with the high standards we set for them, it is most certainly not exclusively for ladies . It should not necessarily be for others if we do love to make some effort, and having their worth notice. But to ensure that we are in working order, ready for anything that life can throw at us, makes us feel good. And what better way to indulge in the time of a call girl sexy if when your ego is at a record level. So what are the things you need to make sure you pay attention? We first four aspects of the male body which may require little maintenance (and we’re not talking about exercise) to allow you to be in the best shape you can be.

Before you say something like “this is too girly ‘, think about it. You probably shake hands with a number of people during the day, customers, etc. boss, and a handshake well can say many things about humans. It does not need to be too firm, but a game gives the impression that you are not embarrassed, you are not sincere and that you have you do not puncture good. But having a brilliant game nails (just above, no color) with a palm hydrated will do wonders for your reputation. And we do not tell you the effect that it has on women. The second they see a nice pair of hands, they are putty in your … well, very well maintained hands. And then you’re ready to really engage in self-care, you can see that some things in life that are worth making that extra effort.

Like women, men need to ensure they keep their locks. Being one of the first things you notice about someone, it makes sense to ensure that they are in the best condition they can be. You want to use sparingly gel or tape on it going out of fashion, it just needs a little attention. Regular cuts make a big difference. And before you say anything, no, we do not think you can remove the styles of surf / Harry look you are going for. Do not be lazy and go to the hairdresser! Maybe push some conditioner on it from time to time, just to keep it shiny look you’ve perfected. It’s so easy, you’ll wonder why you have not been doing it for years. Just ask any of the girls in V. When it comes to the selection of hair, you can be sure you like beautiful brunette sensual massage london more than their fair, so it makes a difference.

This may seem intuitive, and we hope that you go for your regular checkups. But when it comes to oral health, it is not always what you see. While you might have perfectly straight white teeth, it does not mean they are as good as possible. And make sure you have a good breathing is certainly one of the main goals in life. So make sure you keep this standing agreement with your dentist. These are the little things that count, after all.
So, now that you’ve spent the money to sort bits needing attention (looking sharp does not necessarily come cheap), you will not fall in search of a strong dollar on a companion. It’s a good thing you are here, then!
We providing the best sensual massage in London that money can buy.

New Erotic Treatment available!

Wanna enjoy a new and unique Sensual Massage experience? London Sensual Massage Parlour have just introduced a great range of sensual experiences, the “Exotic erotic”, based around a variety sexy role play scenarios.

We’ve introduced a whole four new massages, with bespoke packages available upon request:

Courtesan massage
AKA escort massage – where you can enjoy the perfect companionship of your lovely masseuse for a longer period of time, including dinner date and overnight options. If you just can’t get enough of your favourite Oriental Sensual Masseuse, this is ideal for you.

Love Lingerie massage
a massage where your masseuse will wear a full set of sexy lingerie throughout the whole experience. Perfect for you if you truly appreciate delicate lacy knickers, stockings, and garter belts.

Tie and Tease massage
a sensual and highly erotic light bondage experience that also incorporates consensual power exchange role play. If you seek the BDSM experience of a strict Mistress to tell you exactly what to do to please her, then you’ll love this.

Naughty play massage
which is a sensual and seductive time spent combining foot worship and massage. If you think you might just have a bit of a foot fetish, this one is specially designed just for you.