It is getting really cold now…

Hello everybody from London !!

It is getting really cold now. Time to get your winter clothes out of the cupboard and for some to start thinking about plans for winter sports and skiing. Christmas is coming soon so it’s time to find  presents for loved ones, family and friends. I really love this time of the year as it makes me think of everyone I care for. Nice !!

I am very happy with the huge response on the website from my loyal regulars as well as from a lot of other people who took the time and made the effort !! Thank you everybody as without you revealing your deepest thoughts, feelings and ideas this blog simply would not work…

The idea for next year is to continue with serious posts regarding Tantric massage and everything that has to do with it. The posts about cheating and coming or not coming generated a lot of response so I think that is in general a good route to explore. Everybody is very welcome to submit a subject he or she would like to have discussed here. Or let me know your thoughts by starting a new post your self and we can all respond to it !!

Over Christmas and the New Year I will be away to see family and friends. The precise date that I stop working will be published on the blog. If you still like to come here to relax before I leave just let me know and I will fit you in.

After the New Year I will publish on the blog when I restart work. A couple of days before that day I start answering my phone again.

What will be new for next year ? Well too early to tell. I hope to give anyone coming to me for a Tantric massage a great and sensual time. Any feedback or ideas are always welcome.

For now keep warm and have a great day !!