I did never order a sensual massage before. How do I book?

The easiest way is to just grab your telephone and dial any of our massage parlours in London . Speak with a friendly operator and she will smoothly guide you through the booking process.

Is there a cancellation policy?

Yes there is: if you cancel up to one hour of your scheduled booking there is a penalty.

Can I request a specific type of masseuse when I order a massage?

Sure you can. Actually, we insist that you clearly express your preferences for your favorite type of masseuse. After all, we aim at your repeat business and want you to have an unforgettable erotic massage experience.

What details do you need from me, when I make a booking?

Your full name, address, zip code and phone number, whether cell phone or landline.

I share a hotel room with a friend. Can he watch while I get my massage?

Obviously you are in for a cheap ride. Amigo, you are not type of customer we usually accommodate. Go and try your luck on google with cheap sexy escort.

How long in advance do I need to book a massage?

In London we need minimum one hour notice, but as a general rule of thumb, the more notice you allow us, the better your options for your preferred masseuse.

Is it better to book a massage by telephone than by email?

Yes it is. When you call any of our phone numbers in London, you can speak with a friendly live receptionist. With her you can discuss your wishes and preferences for your massage. And tell her how you like it: hot, gentle, deep tissue, relaxing, et cetera. You can also tell her your preferred type of masseuse.

Do you have a special rate for off-peak hours, i.e. in the daytime?

At the moment we do not have a special rate for massages inn off-peak hours, but this might change in the near future. So revisit our website regularly, or even better, read the blog, for the latest news about London masseuses & massages.

What personal details do you need from me when I book my massage?

Your full name, address, flat number, zip code, phone number. When you reside in a hotel we only need your surname, room number and the name of the hotel.

What do you do with my personal details?

We just need them to verify if you are a serious customer, and when we allocate the booking to one of our masseuses, we need to give her the address so that she can visit you at the scheduled time.

Your identifiable details are destroyed after your booking. Unless you have been a ‘bad boy’. In such an exceptional case you will have the privilege to be on our blacklist.

Can I re-schedule a booking if something unforeseen comes up?

Of course you can; just kindly inform us in time, to avoid any late cancellation penalty.

Can I book by SMS?

Yes, but only regular customer can do so.

I want to book, but need complete discretion; can I provide a fake name?

You mean a name like John Doe? Unfortunately that doesn’t work like that. But our privacy and discretion policy guarantees maximum discretion for you. At ease, you are dealing with a professional agency here that knows your needs for privacy and discretion.

If I book and the masseuse is not to my liking, can I send her away?

Yes you can. For your peace of mind, this is always possible but effectively happens in 0.5% of our massage bookings. Have a look at our cancellation policy.

Do I pay directly to the masseuse or can I pay in advance?

Usually our customers pay directly to the masseuse. Upon her arrival. Should you wish to open an account with us, kindly contact our manager in the London office.

I am a regular customer in London and I book a massage twice a week. I do not like the hassle of paying every time. Can I make a deposit in your bank account so I have a credit?

We appreciate your concern. Indeed we offer that opportunity. Kindly contact our manager at LSM Massage London on (+44) 0742 326 0068.