L.S.M New Website 2017

As promised a couple weeks ago, here you have, the London Sensual Massage New Website. Welcome to LSM new face.

LSM new website 2017

LSM new website 2017

What is new? Besides a new design, now you can comment on the posts, see what others have to say and have a chat about any of the subjects on London Sensual Massage blog. Obviously it has to be monitor because of spam and other things which are not important to be mention now. I promise, I will try to do my best in order to keep the chat fluid and with a good rhythm.

The main focus is content. As always, I will keep adding information on a weekly bases. Information I believe is useful for you to understand the different massage services we have to offer, so that you can choose which one of the services is the best for you.

I am aware of a big misunderstanding about sensual massage services, erotic nuru massage, escort services, and Tantric massage in general. My intention is to make it clear to you as a client or as a follower.

Our blog has been ever meant to be only for LSM clients, if not as well for any one of you with an interest on my field which is body to body massage service and sensual bodywork.

Knowledge for me is basically helping me to keep my clients happy. I had many years of training as a massage therapist but also 14 years of experience therefor, my learning process never stops.

Everyday I learn something new from each one of you. My practice becomes my study, every client gives me a new perspective, a new opportunity to learn.

The blog is helping me to understand your needs. Is my contact with the reality of the erotic massage for men market. Reason why your participation is very valuable for me.

Our masseuses and I myself are passionate about our work and about massage in general. We’d like to share that passion and the art of massage with you. Of course, there is another important reason, which is to show you who we are.

I do not think I am the most wonderful person worth knowing, I never thought the sun circles around me, but I want you to come secure that you are getting a service from a professional who knows what he is doing. Trust is the key for most of my services.

Brand New Gallery.

Oh, well… maybe soon but not just yet!. I have invited professional photographers to take photo for our masseuses, new photos will be added to the gallery step by step.

It took so long not because I against galleries and I know many of you like them. Our masseuses do not have anything to hide and I am very confident about their appearance, but I know our masseuses always wanted to be appreciated for who she is not for how she look, but you want to see more and I am going to deliver. Having said that, do not expect full body nude pictures, nor to see them right away. I want to make it right and as always sensual so give me time.

Any way, I only use pictures of me on the site so even you do not have a gallery yet, you can see me on it.

London Sensual Massage New Website is meant to be simple and practical for you to use. I had been working with a great professional to make it possible, and I just want to thank him for his work, dedication and patient. Also a big thank you ! to St. who is always correcting my grammar and thank you! for follow me.