London Sensual Massage’s Holiday opening time 2015&2016

Our London sensual massage parlour open as usual during this holiday, please contact us if you want get an erotic massage for X’mas or New year!

Holiday Special Discount: During the X’mas and New year , we made fantastic discounts at our sensual massage services to alow you spend a magical and relaxing time.

Upcoming event: Enjoy an erotic massage in Valentine’s day:

The perfect way to ignite the fire in your relationship with LOVE – Celebrating the most powerful energy in the Universe, the Love two people share together, we would like to invite you at our sensual massage studio in baker street, where you can not only find the most amazing gift for both yourself and your lover, but this will be one gift that will most certainly spice up your love life as well as your soul connection.

To help you decide on this, we’ve also prepared some very special offers for you…call us to discover our special sensual massage for couples.