Massage in Baker Street London

Welcome to LSM at baker street, we are pleased to announce that we just open up a new Asian massage parlour based in Baker street area, only 2 minutes walk of the Baker Street tube station and is a quiet and wonderful location in Central London. Our Baker street massage location is very easy to access from Marylebone station or bond street , Oxford circus, regent’s park.

Giving erotic Asian massage is an ancient spiritual practice first developed by the Hindus many centuries ago. The purpose of tantric massage is to awaken and connect with the divine energy of the body, experiencing its sensuality, while becoming one with the universe.

Baker Street Massage in London services will give you a fantastic Massage experience. LSM’s fabulous erotic massage is second to none. It is offered by beautiful young oriental ladies of varying nationalities.

So keep your tension away of any kind of rash or skin problems. Baker street Massage is very easy to access from central London tube station, our massage helps you in increasing your body awareness of the stress, awakens the senses and activates whole-body healing.. It provides you the skill of manage the stress through relaxation. The services and the goal are to provide you stress less life and feel healthy.

baker street erotic massage

People necessitate rest after working a hectic schedule. A nice massage in Baker Street will provide all the relaxation you need. Our massage sessions will release the stress and make you tension free. From your neck to your toes. you will feel the tension and stresses easing away. Come to us, explore pleasure in new and creative ways, After experiencing the massage you will feel more relaxed and stress free.

Our Sensual massage is a wonderful way to relax, connect and explore pleasure with a lover or intimate friend. Our sensual Massage sessions follow the principle of acient tantra, we enjoy coming together to honor and celebrate the body as a temple of delight. The sensual Massage experience will allow you to explore erotic energy in new ways and is also a wonderful prelude to love.

LSM is sensual massage parlour only offer massage service in baker street, if you are looking for escort service in baker street area, you can find more by visit baker street escort.

Make an appointment with LSM today and enjoy bespoke Sensual Massage special for you:

UK: 0742-326-0068
International: 0044 742-326-0068
INCALL Service ( Baker street & Marylebone station )
OUTCALL service (Central London + Heathrow airport)