Why Do Men, Married or Not, See A Sensual Massage Therapist

Many sensual massage therapists consider it offensive that the media (or other folks) would tie the industry to the sex trade.  It’s one of the reasons that many massage therapists have steered clear from offering sensual massage therapy as an option for clients.

And, it’s one of the reasons I’ve chosen to steer clear of it myself.

Men like to visit sensual massage parlor

Men like to visit sensual massage parlor? Why

I recently read an article from the ABMP (an article they apologized later for), but I found it quite accurate. It talks about the gap between sensual and therapeutic massage. It’s the divide I find myself straddling.

For my experience, it’s often married men who seek the services of a sensual massage provider. Why is that? There are actually a number of reasons, but let’s not generalize it to, “men are scum or men are men”.

The reality is that most men don’t care about having affairs, seeing an escort or getting a sensual massage that will take them away from their wives in a sexual way.  Rather, men want an experience with a beautiful woman that involves them getting an orgasm without any intercourse.

A majority of men have no desire to get divorced from their wives. They love their wives, even men who find themselves not getting any sex. This is not why married men come to a sensual bodywork provider.

Why do men come to a sensual massage therapist then?

There are actually 2 reasons:

  • They don’t have a connection anymore
  • They need some type of distraction

What do you feel are the reasons men go to a sensual massage therapist?

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