Seduce a Man With a sensual Foot Massage

He’s tired, He’s overworked, and his heels are sore. Of course He’ll let you massage his feet for him, and just maybe, if you do it right, He’ll give you something in return.

Do the prep work. If you’re planning to give your man a foot sensual massage, then odds are he’s tired. It’s time to be he knight in shining armor. Make or order dinner, do the dishes, and clean the living room. If your man suddenly finds himself sitting comfortably in his favorite seat while you bring him food, clean the house, and refuse to let him lift a finger to help, he will soon start thinking warm, happy thoughts – starring you!

Find a comfortable spot. Assuming he’s already agreed to the foot massage, your next step is to determine the setting. The bed is probably a bit too obvious, although that may be your eventual destination; try the couch instead. Prop his head and neck up with pillows, then sit down and put his feet in your lap.


Start gently. Use your middle finger and thumb to ever-so-softly massage his heel, the ball of his foot, and his toes. Start by concentrating on one foot at a time. Spend about five minutes here – it will pay off soon!

Make intermittent eye contact. He will be watching you the whole time, so the expression on your face and the direction of your gaze are both important factors. Watch his feet while you massage them, making sure to keep a tiny hint of a smile on your face (this smile may take some practice in front of a mirror. Most people’s idea of a small smile is all but undetectable by others. You want your girl to know you’re enjoying it – and also to know that you want more). Occasionally look into his eyes. As you do, allow your smile to widen a little, and part your lips slightly (again, the mirror is indispensable. Practice makes perfect).

Ask his how he wants it done. “Harder or softer?” is your ideal question. If you’re doing Step 3 right, he will almost certainly answer “harder.” When he does, listen to his tone of voice. Is he beginning to sense your intentions, and if so, does he sound excited or tired? If he’s excited, then the game is yours. If he’s tired, there is still hope, but you’ll be fighting an uphill battle from here.

Begin massaging harder. By now his tendons will be loose and he will probably be ready for more. Begin using your thumb, fingers, and especially the “heel” of your hand to massage his firmly. Firmly, but not TOO firmly! Now isn’t the time to prove your manly strength. There is nothing so likely to kill your girl’s sex drive as a sudden pinch in a sore spot that sends his leaping off the couch, never to trust you with his feet again. Avoid massaging the middle section of his feet entirely, as this area contains sensitive bones and tendons. Instead, concentrate on the heel, ball and toes (gently with the toes!). Spend another five minutes here.

Show that you’re enjoying it. Make small murmurs (a deep, quietly whispered “Mmmm” works beautifully) and widen your smile to a grin at intervals, to show your girl that you’re fully appreciating every interaction with his body.

Kiss his feet. As always, timing is an enormous factor. Don’t start the massage with a big sloppy toe-sucking fest, because unless your girl is in the mood to jump into bed right away, he will most likely find that sort of behavior annoying. Make sure you’ve fully completed the previous steps first, then ask he if he’s enjoying the massage. He will almost certainly say yes (what else CAN he say without being rude?). If he does, slip off the couch, get down on your knees, and gently kiss his feet a few times. Look up and ask, “How are you enjoying it now?” His response is unlikely to be anything but positive. Keep kissing his feet for at least another minute, but avoid using tongue or putting his toes in your mouth unless you include this as a normal part of your sexual routine. Otherwise it might freak him out.

Ask him if you can massage the rest of him. This is a big step, so be sure to word the question in a way that lets he know exactly what you want. It won’t be too difficult at this point; simply saying, “Can I massage the rest of you?” might just work wonders on its own. If you think he’s in the mood and you want to try something a little more seductive, say, “The rest of you looks tired too. Can I take care of that for you?” If he says yes, you’ve got it in the bag. “Oh… darn. Your clothes are in the way….” You get the idea.

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