Why Sensual massage is good for Couples

Whether your sex life is already good or it could be better, Our sensual massage treatment can open a whole new dimension for you, a whole new world beneath the surface.

Practicing Sensual massage can open the door into an endless space of deeper sexual fulfillment and more meaningful intimacy, for both men and women.

Dissolve problems and open new depths of sexual pleasure

Many women find it difficult to relax, get fully aroused, receive her man completely and reach high sexual states. Many men find it difficult to hold back their excitement, get aroused more deeply, engage emotionally and last longer for their own pleasure and that of the woman. If both could do all that most of their problems and conflicts wouldn’t exist and their sex life would flow deep and strong. Sensual massage is the best practical thing you can do for both to learn how to get there, although it will need some practice. If you want to learn more about benefit of sensual and tantric massage please read What a Man get from tantric massage 

Open a powerful source of life

A Paint about Erotic Massage...

A Paint about Erotic Massage…

With the help of Sensual massage your sex life can stop being an intense and explosive quick event that requires energy and mood. It can instead become the sacred space where you can even go to get energy and mood when you don’t have them, a psychedelic space of floating in beauty and pleasure where you can stay for a while to charge up.

Discover the truth about your bodies

Sensual massage is also the code with which you can open your bodies to each other as never before. We really don’t know much about how our sexual bodies work. What we normally call arousal and pleasure is just an intense shallow charge that keeps our sexual depth untouched. What we know about our sexual bodies is usually sold to us by sensationalist media and pornography making a buck on our simplest and quickest responses. It makes us even more unhappy as we get further and further away from understanding our own and each other’s bodies.

Enhance the capacity of your sexual body

By learning my Sensual massage you will find out how our sexual bodies really work and what they really need, with differences between men and women. I will give you a complete combination to open the full sexual depth and force of your bodies to each other. I guarantee that you will think “I had no idea…”. And by practicing Sensual massage you can make your body a lot more alive, a lot more sensitive and responsive, and your sex life will flourish more than before, with a set of whole new sensual flavors.

Discover deep and powerful intimacy

Sensual massage brings deep intimacy into sex. I will show you how to release your heart to each other and make the energies of love and tenderness flow so strong that you could sometimes feel them physically. By enjoy this massage at home you will feel your hearts grow and emanate more love than before, you will fuse with each other more than ever before.

Become a conscious and creative lover

Sensual massage trains you to let go of places to rush to and lose yourself in this moment, to appreciate every step and to be with your partner consciously rather than automatically. It will open every moment of love to you.

(Please be aware that this is a description of Sensual massage as our masseuse provide it. )