We present London’s finest visiting nude massage service


Please prepare your payment and shower before your goddess arrives. Set the room to a comfortable temperature for you both to be naked.


Please remain passive throughout your massage. It is not appropriate to touch the masseuse in any way. Only those receiving the massage should be present in the room.


Please allow your masseuse to take a shower and provide a clean towel.


The masseuses are professional and discrete both in their dress and manner. Please be assured your contact details are handled discreetly and securely. We do not hold any record of appointments and will not contact you again after your appointment has been fulfilled.


The masseurs are skilled professional masseurs and not escorts and do not perform intercourse or oral sex. Do not proposition the masseuses for any activity other than those inferred. The personal hygiene of masseuses is exemplary and yours is expected to be the same.


For reasons of discretion we only accept cash payment. There are no extra costs. The masseuses travel costs are included in the price you pay. However, please feel free to express your appreciation to your goddess if you wish.