Just Relax – Common Reactions to Erotic Massage

Although there is no sex involved with London erotic massage, I would be surprised if my clients did not respond sexually.

It is completely natural to feel turned on by the total naked massage experience.

Even I get turned on during a massage session. The close, intimate contact of skin against skin is one that promotes a heightened sense of sexuality that is hard to deny.

sexy massageIt is normal to feel sexual aroused in Massage

We are humans after all and it is normal for our bodies to respond to sexual eroticism of a tantric massage. I make sure I focus on the erogenous zones of the body to add to the feeling.

Although it would seem that men would be the ones to react out of sexual instinct, many women do also. It still amazes me how open women are to the experience of an erotic massage. While they are often the ones who are the most timid and nervous, they relax very quickly. Women are aroused much more easily than men during a massage. Many of the men I deal with are perfect gentleman and many of the women are perfect ladies. I love that I can provide them with such a renowned sense of pleasure and relaxation.

It still surprises me how turned on I get when I feel the arousal of my clients. Since I am a born bisexual, I am very open to the arousal of both men and women. I make sure they get a nice view of my body while I massage them to unknown heights of ecstasy. It makes me feel good knowing that they enjoy the sight of my beautiful body and the feel of my hands on their naked skin. Having my body in such close contact with theirs is one aspect of the job that I enjoy the most.

Just Relax and enjoy the happy ending

I feel that it is important to embrace the body’s natural reaction to an erotic massage in order to truly enjoy it. Even though there is no sex allowed, there is no reason why the clients cannot experience the mind-blowing finish they deserve. This is the best release for all of those pent up frustrations so my motto is to let it all go. The purpose of the massage is to relax the mind and body. Rather than fighting back the body’s natural response, it is best to go with the flow and let the body do what comes naturally to it.

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