Why choose a Nuru Massage?

The most popular massage among LSM’s regular clients in the city of London is the nuru massage, why everyone loves nuru? The answer is simple: nuru massage fulfill your fantasies : Slippery, Moist, Naughty and Naked !

slippery nuru body to body massage

the sexiest massage in the world

LSM’London Nuru masseuses give you a slippery experience using their nude bodies to give you a whole body to body massage. Your masseuse will be completely naked for this sensational experience. Call +44 (0)742-326-0068 to feel her sliding and gliding over your skin, giving you the best massage of your life.

Slippery Nuru Body to body Massage

Enjoy the sexiest body to body massage in London, feel her soft naked skin upon your body, gliding against you with a silky feeling Japanese gel, to give you the most erotic and arousing massages ever experienced. Your massage will be given on a special bed to enhance even more the sensuousness of this massage.

After both you and your masseuse take showers, spend time in a spa to dry off, you will prepare for your session. She will warm up the special Nuru gel so the second it brushes your skin, you begin to feel a unique sensual awakening. Your body will feel flooded with pure ecstasy. Erotic touching will keep you simmering with arousal, and then subsiding, until you become aroused all over your naked body. You will feel the titillating tingles of passion rising up your spine and through your legs and arms.

Our special Nuru Gel is totally unscented, clear and free of perfume. It washes off easily with a quick shower after your massage. Nothing will get on your clothing and there will be no traces of the gel on anything. This is not oil, but a uniquely slippery gel that enhances the entire experience. It is derived from seaweed, contains minerals and is healthy for the skin.

A Nuru massage done in the nude will excite all your senses, so much more than a normal sensual massage. With your naked masseuse’s soft skin against yours, enhanced by the silky feeling of the gel, you will be transported to a heightened state of arousal and ecstasy. Her feminine energy will revive your vitality, while relaxing you at the same time. Your level of arousal will reach heights never before experienced with this incredible encounter.

You will feel her breath brush against your ears with her fingertips lightly touching your skin, finding all your sensitive areas with her erotic touches. You will become so aroused with each passing moment; you won’t believe how excited you become!

Every masseuse is different, with her own individual style, each one naked when she gives her Nuru massage at LSM’s Sensual Massage London. Please call me with any questions. We are open 7 days per week and can take same-day appointments.

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